Chemistry Services

Chemspeed Technologies offers a comprehensive package of synthesis and formulation services for researchers in e.g. Life Science, Material Science or Consumer Goods

If you are looking for the advice and back-up of an experienced parallel synthesis, a process development specialist, formulation expert or if you simply lack of resources: our highly qualified scientists are happy to support you, wherever you need it.

In lead finding and lead optimization we can help you with the design of exclusive, tailor-made libraries, building blocks, or active compounds. We are able to perform highly demanding chemistry with high throughput using our state-of-the-art synthesis equipment (ISYNTH product line).

As soon as you have found your targets, we can support you in finding the fastest and most cost-effective synthesis route or we can optimise a single step, taking advantage of the unique capabilities of our AUTOPLANT product line.

Mapping out raw materials or formulation parameters is supported by an experienced chemist team combined with our FORMAX and EMULSIFIER product line.

Combining sophisticated know-how with state of the art technology

Broad Competences

  • Literature / Patent review
  • Lead finding / Lead optimization
  • Focused libraries of 100’s of compounds
  • Building block synthesis on gram scale
  • Parallel multi step synthesis
  • Microwave synthesis
  • Integration of the entire workflow: synthesis / work-up / purification / output
  • Process research / Process screening
  • Optimizations, scale-up
  • Route finding
  • Method development
  • Reproduction of libraries
  • Formulation discovery
  • Formulation development
  • Consulting

Covering a wide Range of Chemistry

  • Transfer of classical chemistry without compromise
  • Solution, solid, gas phase processes
  • Handling of sensitive materials
  • Ambient and elevated pressure
  • Sample work-up and purification
  • Samples in customized formats

Experience in all Fields of the Chemical Industry

  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Crop Protection
  • Catalyst Research
  • Material Sciences
  • Paints & Coatings
  • Consumer Goods
  • Process Development
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Sample Preparation
  • Library design

Tailor made Programs

  • Custom tailored Contracts
  • Flexible Programs
  • Modular Quoting and Billing
  • Fast Evaluation and Response
Chemistry Services July 17, 2013

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