Object Oriented Workflow Design

Chemspeed’s FLEXSHUTTLE is the step-changing high-throughput and high-output solution for unrestricted sequential and parallel processing of entire (or partial) product development workflows. The unrivalled design enables dramatic product development efficiency increases combined with highest quality and maximum ease of use.

Object Oriented Workflow Design product line portfolio


Fully integrated and automated product development from Sample Preparation to Array Synthesis and Process Development or even up to integrated Formulation in one workflow set-up in industries such as Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Fine & Specialty Chemicals, Material Sciences (Catalysts, Polymers, Paints & Coatings, Porous Materials, Nanomaterials, Biomaterials), Renewables & Energy


Fully integrated and automated paints and coatings development from Formulation to Application and Testing.


Fully integrated and automated system for Colour Blending and Colour Matching.


Fully integrated and automated film applicator for draw-down of e.g. inks, paints, coatings, battery pastes, adhesives.

Selection of workflows from our customer portfolio

  • Paint formulation, application, testing
  • Color matching
  • Personal care products (sun screen, skin care, hair care & colorants) formulation, application, testing
  • Home care products (liquid detergents, solid detergents) formulation, application, testing
  • Catalyst paste making and extrusion
  • OLED, OPV, fuel cell ink formulation, application, testing
  • Battery paste and electrolyte formulation, application, testing
  • Engine oil and grease formulation and testing

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