ISYNTH: Automated Library Synthesis in Disposable Glass Vials / Reactors and / or Reusable Double-Jacket Reactors and / or Microwave Reactors

The leading technology in overhead gravimetric dispensing / dosing (patented) combined with our disposable or reusable or microwave reactors, and our user-friendly software, allow you to standardize and accelerate your parallel synthesis workflows.

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The only fully integrated and automated workstation for reaction preparation, synthesis (ambient pressure, pressure up to 100bar), work up, purification, analysis, and output to storage vials / plates.

The only workstation for inert gas (e.g. BuLi) and low-temperature (-70 °C) chemistry.

… the only true liquid phase and solid phase synthesis workstation …

Key Advantages:

  • Decrease in cost per experiment up to 90+ %.
  • Increase in productivity by a factor of 10+.
  • Easy-to-use disposable glass reactors / vials and / or reusable double-jacket reactors and / or microwave reactors.
  • Reagent preparation (liquids and solids), multistep synthesis, work-up, purification, analysis and product transfer to storage.
  • Ventilated, conditioned hood for e.g. sensitive, low-temperature chemistry.
  • – 70 to 200 °C.
  • 4-Needle Head for volumetric liquid handling and sampling.
  • Gravimetric solid dispensing into an unlimited choice of vial / plate / reactor formats.
  • The balance moves to the destination, increasing speed and efficiency.
  • Balance resolution of 100 µg , or 10 µg .
  • A large dispensing range, from a few mg up to several grams.
  • Powder dispensing / dosing robotic tool can be combined with other tools to accommodate multiple workflows.
  • Dispensed amount, mixing speed, temperature, pressure, time…, and other data are stored in a read only log file.
  • Easy access to data with a convenient interface to pull results into Excel or virtually any other software.
  • Interface to DOE.

Enhance your Efficiency and Productivity with our Workflow Solutions!

  • Organic syntheses.
  • Ligand syntheses.
  • Organometallic syntheses.
  • Living / controlled polymerizations.
  • Nanomaterials syntheses.
  • Impregnations.
  • Biomass pretreatment and conversion.
  • C-X Coupling, hydrogenation, hydroformylation, carbonylation, metathesis, oxidation, … screenings.
  • Polyolefin solution- & slurry-phase screenings.

Double-jacket reactor blocks

Double-jacket reactor blocks

Microwave reactor (disposable vial)

Microwave reactor (disposable vial)

ISYNTH reactor blocks with disposable vials

ISYNTH reactor blocks with disposable vials

Chemspeed’s Unique, Proprietary Array Synthesis Reactor Technology with Disposable Vials and ReusableDouble-Jacket Reactors

Array Synthesis Reactor Technology with Disposable Vials and Reusable Double-Jacket Reactors

Technical Details

Chemspeed’s ISYNTH deck modularity allows the user to execute and perform a variety of workflows in a fully automated fashion, including reaction preparation, multistep synthesis, work-up, purification, analysis and product transfer to storage.

ISYNTH Components

ISYNTH reactor block components

Glass array reactors

Glass array reactors

Pressure reactor block

Pressure reactor block

Parallel reactor block and reactor array:

  • Closure of synthesis reactors by a ceramic or stainless steel valve system (reactor block) allowing operation under high quality vacuum down to 10 mbar (for online evaporation) or inert atmosphere (no need for septa).
  • Efficient yet gentle vortex mixing (up to 1’400 rpm), even while accessing the reactor.
  • Inert atmosphere for sensitive reagents/ inert reaction conditions/ low-temperature chemistry:
    • Inertization of the synthesis reactors (vacuum / inert gas cycles).
    • Inertization of the entire workstations (self-contained hood).
  • Optional pseudomechanical stirring for viscous liquids.
  • Classical heating and / or microwave conditions.
  • Shakable / heatable / crimp and screw rack for e.g. disposable glass array reactors.

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