ISYNTH CATIMPREG: Heterogeneous Catalyst Preparation by Automated Versatile Impregnation

The leading technology in overhead gravimetric dispensing / dosing (patented) combined with our disposable or reusable reactors, and our user-friendly software, allow you to standardize and accelerate your parallel impregnation workflows.

Example Customer testimonial

Fast catalyst optimization (selectivity and conversion) as a result of automated synthesis and screening of 2 generations of catalysts. Development time decreased by 50%!

We used to take 3 to 5years to transfer a new catalyst to business, now the company does so in one year! So basically every year one new catalyst.

… More than 20 different impregnation methods have been successfully implemented on these platforms…

Key Advantages:

  • Decrease in cost per experiment up to 90+ %.
  • Increase in productivity by a factor of 10+.
  • Easy-to-use disposable glass reactors / vials and / or reusable double-jacket reactors.
  • High-throughput catalyst preparation by e.g. incipient wetness and excessive liquid impregnation.
  • 4-Needle Head for volumetric liquid handling and sampling.
  • Gravimetric solid dispensing into an unlimited choice of vial / plate / reactor formats.
  • The balance moves to the destination, increasing speed and efficiency.
  • Balance resolution of 100 µg, or 10 µg.
  • A large dispensing range, from a few mg up to several grams.
  • Configuration for impregnation can be combined with other tools to accommodate multiple workflows.
  • Dispensed amount, mixing speed, temperature, time…, and other data are stored in a read only log file.
  • Easy access to data with a convenient interface to pull results into Excel or virtually any other software.
  • Interface to DOE.

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Chemspeed’s Unique, Proprietary Array Synthesis Reactor Technology with Disposable Vials

Array synthesis reactor technology with disposable vials

Technical Details

Chemspeed’s ISYNTH CATIMPRG deck modularity allows the user to execute and perform a variety of workflows in a fully automated fashion, including reaction preparation, multistep synthesis, work-up, purification, analysis and product transfer to storage.

ISYNTH Components

ISYNTH reactor block components

Disposable glass reactor

Disposable glass vial / reactor

  • Preparation of impregnation solution with heating under reflux, pH measurement and adjustment as well as density measurement and adjustment.
  • Incipient wetness and excessive liquid impregnation while shaking and heating in high quality (disposable) vials / reactors.
  • High-quality quartz reactors for direct use in calcination.
  • Integrated washing, filtration and drying.
  • Integrated pH and density measurement / adjustment.
  • Variety of reactors with heating, reflux, vacuum, filtration.
  • Efficient mixing by shaking while preserving the extrudates.
The 4-Needle Head for liquids
4-Needle Head

Volumetric dispensing and aspiration of liquids is done with a Multi-Channel Liquid Handling Tool (4-Needle Head), with four independent needles. The four needles can be operated simultaneously or individually. If required the tool can be equipped with needles of different inner diameters. Larger diameter needles for the handling of suspensions or liquids with higher viscosities, smaller diameter needles for handling of small volumes.
The Gravimetric for solids and powders (SDU, GDU-P)

The Gravimetric Dispensing Units (SDU and GDU-P models) are used to perform automated, gravimetrically controlled dispenses of a wide range of solids and powders in the milligram to multigram scale. The modules pick the appropriate chosen container, dispense the solids and powders, and then place the container back to its station before picking the next one. Both dispensing units include an overhead balance, and allow dispensing and simultaneous weighing of solids and powders into various vials, reactors, well-plates.

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