Comprehensive workstation / module control: Design, Execute, Analyze, Report

Chemspeed’s AutoSuite User Interface & Executor software executes and controls all automated workstations / modules of the entire product development cycle and any other integrated 3rd party software as well as hardware.

AutoSuite is an intuitive software with a user friendly interface which allows easy workflow oriented experimentation. Many features such as gravimetric dispensing are automatically calibrated, eliminating tedious optimization steps.

drag and drop - Autosuite Software

  • The AutoTeaching tool simplifies dispensing applications without manual trials and is applicable to e.g. solids eliminating the need for manual optimization before the dispenses are done.
  • Easy programming: drag-and-drop workflow steps or just execute standard workflow protocols.
  • Barcode tracking.
  • Easy integration with virtually any LIMS or ELN software.
  • AutoSuite Application Programming Interface (API) for 3rd party software and hardware integration.
  • Chemspeed VLab for DoE and Data Analysis / Reporting. It includes a full document management system (electronic lab journal) and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. The software scales from a single PC to large network installations with multiple hardware and clients.


configuration, application, monitoring - autosuite


Chemspeed’s AutoSuite Workflow Management Software (ASWOMAS) is Chemspeed’s solution to coordinating and orchestrating overall laboratory workflows across multiple client systems.
Users can design workflows to include any number of clients including Chemspeed Workstations (FLEX/SWING) , FLEXSHUTTLE modules or even manual lab processes.
Workflows, experiments, messaging, status and inventory management are all centralized within ASWOMAS. The federated architecture of ASWOMAS acting as a central authority to multiple clients, enhances usability by presenting a single UI for overall system management, while maximizing flexibility and configurability of user workflows.


Design of Workflows


  • Workflow Steps representing the different FLEXSHUTTLE functionalities
  • Easy programming with drag & drop
  • Pre-defined templates for a quick setup of recurring workflows
  • Conditional workflow design through structural elements (“IF / ELSE”)

Manual Interaction

  • Ability to mix automated workflow steps on a FLEXSHUTTLE with manual steps on a lab bench …
  • …while keeping data centralized …
  • direct connection from manual instruments to ASWOMAS or by interactive web sites shown on the operator’s tablet




Setup of Experiments


  • Intuitive definition and design of batch runs for designed workflows
  • Possibility to import from and export data to third-party applications (e.g. Excel) including meta information
  • Experiment multiplication through varying parameters (e.g. dispense amount)