In catalysis R&D, standardized and accelerated approaches are pivotal for the development of ecologic and economic chemical production processes of e.g. chemicals, polymers, polyolefins, rubbers.

Chemspeed offers high-throughput and high-output solutions which automate your R&D without compromise in areas such as:

  • Inorganic catalyst development  for hydrogenation, alkylation, isomerization, oxidation, cracking catalysts etc. by incipient wetness / excessive liquid impregnation, precipitation
  • Zeolite synthesis
  • Organic and organometallic catalyst synthesis or screening
  • Catalyst testing / optimization in batch, semi-continuous, or continuous mode

Highly innovative technologies allow mimicking virtually any workflow in a fully automated way. This saves precious time and increases output and quality of your lab dramatically, by using concepts designed for chemists by chemists.

  • Sample Preparation, QC
  • Synthesis
  • Process Research
  • Formulation