Flexible automated formulation in batteries and inks

by CPI & Chemspeed Technologies

An agile approach to automated formulation development

September 30th, 2021 - 17:00 CEST / 11:00 EDT
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Chemspeed Technologies
, in collaboration with CPI - Centre for Process Innovation, UK's leading independent technology innovation centre, invites you to join a webinar presenting a flexible and agile approach to automated formulation development.

Dr. Lynn Donlon, Principal Scientist at CPI, will present the results of two collaborative R&D studies:

  • Li-ion battery electrodes formulation optimization (part of ICE-BATT project)
  • Inks for printed electronics formulation optimization (part for LEE-BED project)

Dr. Donlon will also highlight how CPI utilizes automation in combination with statistical approaches, such as design of experiments and principal component analysis, to rapidly accelerate formulation development.

The speaker 

Dr. Lynn Donlon
Principal Scientist – High Throughput Formulation

Dr. Donlon is a polymer chemist with many years of experience in both industry and academia. She joined CPI in 2016, having previously worked within the upstream Surface Science and Modification Team at Procter & Gamble on technologies to improve the delivery of actives to surfaces. Prior to this, she spent 5 years as a Post Doc at Newcastle University, working on a variety of projects including AFM analysis of protein self-assembly in supported lipid bilayers to the use of polymeric substrates within oscillatory chemical reactions. She has a Masters in Chemistry and a Ph.D in Polymer Chemistry from Durham University, UK. She is currently a Principal Scientist specialising in the development of High Throughput methods and technologies for the preparation and analysis of formulated products.