Discover the brand new, disruptive solid dispensing solution


The new, powerful, compact and flexible CRYSTAL POWDERDOSE platform for μg to g solid dispensing allows you to optimize the sample preparation in your lab, giving you the maximum flexibility in handling multiple solids, with accurate dosing directly into vials and well plates. This extraordinary solution supports your lab staff to overcome the struggles of repetitive and time-consuming tasks of sample preparation and provides walk-away time to ensure productivity in the lab


Gravimetric dispensing of μg to g amounts of solids in a powerful, compact and flexible benchtop solution.

Completely automated and compact benchtop solution which allows to optimize the sample preparation grants the maximum flexibility in handling multiple solids, with accurate dosing directly in into your 

Increase efficiency

Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks and provide walk away time.

Improve flexibility

Extremely reduced footprint and exchangeable containers to a vast range of destination (vials & well plates )

Optimize costs

Optimized use of raw material and no risk of cross-contamination

Enhance traceability

Easy-to-use software for consistent and  ensured traceability, incl. 21 CFR part 11 compliance

Easy-to-use software – next generation touch user interface

CRYSTAL software supports fully unattended sample preparation. It enables quick execution, monitoring and automated logging of data.

The native ArkSuite integration allows digital twinized data, inventory, product and run management. Web and mobile access is available for remote configuration and system status.

Key features

  • CRYSTAL POWDERDOSE AutoDispense - load solid, chose amount, start.
  • Accurate dispensing (resolution +/- 10 μg)
  • Gradient and incremental value dispensing – making it quick and easy for DoE using the clear and intuitive GUI to assist.
  • Automatically exchangeable source containers for solids dispensing into vials and well plates (one-to-one / many-to-one / many-to-many )
  • Intuitive programming: touch-and-go dispensing protocols and web/mobile access for remote configuration and system status
  • Multi-language system interface
  • Plug and play

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