Automated Emulsion Formulation and Characterization


Chemspeed’s EMULSIFIER enables fully automated emulsion formulation screening combined with integrated testing / characterization (e.g. image analysis, PSD) for e.g. home care, personal care, nutrition, agrochemical applications.

The modular deck design enables significant increase in efficiency combined with high quality and maximum ease-of-use.

Key Benefits
  • Increase throughput
  • Enhance reproducibility and quality
  • Formulate and test on one platform
  • Enable digitalization
  • Standardize procedures
  • Boost innovation
Easy-to-use Software

AutoSuite software supports fully unattended formulation, application and testing.
It enables quick execution, monitoring and automated recording of data.

Design of workflow steps with AutoSuite Editor

  • Simply drag & drop tasks or pre-programmed templates
  • Easily modify all parameters locally
  • Combine multi-purpose macro tasks with if / else and loop conditions

Execution and monitoring with AutoSuite Executor

  • View current module data graphically
  • Use «Start», «Pause» and «Stop» functions
  • Display system status in real time

Interface and data management

  • Import and export run data (e.g. in Excel or other analysis tools)
  • Connect with AI / ML / DoE tools
  • Comply with 21 CFR Part 11 
Key Features

  • Intuitive easy-to-use software with pre-programmed procedures
  • AutoTeaching of dispensing parameters for raw materials
  • Versatile interfaces to 3rd party software and/or devices
  • Overhead gravimetric dispensing while processing
  • High-performance mixing
  • Broad selection of racks, vials and formulation vessels 

Exemplary Workflow for up to 200 Samples per Day
Exemplary Layout - Modular according to your Specifications

The EMULSIFIER robotic platform can be equipped with various tools and accessories from Chemspeed’s portfolio.

Technical Details
  • Overhead gravimetric dispensing of powders (GDU-P) and viscous / highly viscous liquids (GDU-V / GDU-HV)
  • Overhead volumetric dispensing of liquids (4-Needle Head)
  • Wide dispensing range (μg to g)
  • Large choice of sample, reagent and customized racks
  • High performance mixing by shaking up to 1’000 rpm (optional stirring and speed mixing)
  • Heating and cooling (-50°C to 250°C)
  • Reformatting for stability testing, screw capping / decapping, crimping
  • Barcode sample tracking
  • Characterization, e.g. imaging, homogeneity assessment via particle size distribution, viscosity, NIR, UV / Vis
  • Testing by integrated sampling, dilution, forced stability testing
Build up your federated laboratory

Orchestrate laboratory tasks across many systems with ARKSUITE software.
Perform independent workflows and link them with central data management.

  • Virtually connect systems located anywhere
  • Design and execute dynamic workflows
  • Manage experiments, inventory and results
  • Pilot all systems centrally