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ME-CAT 2017 – Middle East Catalyst Technology Conference

06.12.2017 - 07.12.2017

Join our Presentation “Enabling (Standardizing, Accelerating) Catalysis R&D for e.g. Chemicals, Polyolefins, Rubbers, Fuels” by Michael Schneider, Ph.D. on December 7, 2017 at 11:30.

Catalytic processes are at the heart of all refineries and petrochemical complexes. With the recent drive for increased integration, the number of units using modern catalysts has increased significantly.

The right catalyst can help improve margins, help achieve better product quality, higher yields and longer cycle lengths – all this with relatively small investment.

The global catalyst market is booming and is forecast to reach 33 billion USD a year by 2018. Developments in refining, petrochemicals and chemicals as well as environmental factors are increasing the demand for higher performance catalysts and the catalyst producers are introducing enhanced products to meet this demand.

Euro Petroleum Consultants is pleased to bring you our series of catalyst technology conferences where catalyst suppliers, licensors, contractors, service providers and end users will be invited for a unique opportunity to be brought up to date with the latest developments.