Unlock Your Formulation Space - Faster and Better Investigation of Raw Material and Process Space in Personal Care Formulation & Characterization

FLEX FORMAX Personal Care

Formulation labs face an increasing demand for high throughput experimentation due to a number of challenges such as:

  • Regulatory pressure on raw materials and additives, like a potential palm oil ban.
  • A move towards green and sustainable ingredients.
  • Increasing costs of raw materials.
  • A lack of reproducibility and traceability in manual procedures.
  • Poor scale-up to production batches.
  • The need to bring products to market faster.

Add solids, powders, liquids, highly viscous materials to the milligram resolution while the formulation is being processed.

Formulation module / vessel

Modular precision vessel

  • Up to 12 high-quality automated formulations / emulsions per run.
  • Stainless steel vessels / blenders, other materials are available upon request.
  • Screwless design for easy and convenient cleaning.

Individual control of:

Stirring / Scraping

  • Stirring up to 6’000 rpm.
  • Up to 2’000 rpm at 250’000 mPa·s.
  • Flexible stirrer designs (e.g. rotor / stator, dispersing disk, customized).
  • Counter-scraping for maximum formulation quality up to 200 rpm.


Internal and external temperature control via electric heating and fluidic cooling design for highest accuracy (-20 to 250°C, +/-0.1°C). Enables full control of formulations / emulsions even during addition of solids or liquids.


  • 2 Modules with up to 12 high-quality formulation vessels.
  • Ventilated hood for safety and conditioned operation, trolley.
  • Optimized footprint (3x3 ft, 90x90 cm) versus capacity, while reducing costs and maximizing return on investment.
  • Inherent scalable flexibility & modularity by design for adaptations to future needs.