Enhanced with disposable glass reactors, SWILE for small-scale (μL) synthesis, and SMOLE, revolutionary, standardized, ready-to-apply chemicals consumables

FLEX ISYNTH for Library Synthesis Small Scale

Automated Synthesis For Innovative Medicines

Medicinal chemistry is driven more and more by the demand for innovative medicines which involves molecular diversity and novel routes, meaning more and more experiments typically with the same resources. Chemspeed’s fully automated, integrated FLEX ISYNTH stands for a flexible, modular, and uncompromising automated solution that:

  • Unlocks the chemical space via faster, better, virtually unrestricted “off-road” chemistry investigation of the reaction, reagent and molecule space.
  • Enhances your efficiency and productivity by a factor of up to 100 in e.g.:
    • C-C, C-N coupling reactions
    • Organometallic reactions (e.g. Grignard)
    • Alkylations
    • Diels-Alder reactions
    • Transfer hydrogenations