Automated Gravimetric and / or Volumetric Liquid, Viscous Liquid, Paste, Cream, Wax Dispensing (incl. applications in GMP environments)


Gravimetric dispensing of liquids from 1 mPa·s to 500’000+ mPa·s for any type of sample preparation

Liquid dispensing

Chemspeed’s FLEX Liquidose deck technology allows the user to execute and perform liquid dispensing workflows in a fully automated fashion.
The Gravimetric Dispensing Units (GDU-HV and GDU-V models) are used to perform automated, gravimetically and volumetrically controlled dispenses and aspiration of (highly) viscous liquids, pastes and creams in the milligram to multigram scale.
Volumetric dispensing and aspiration of liquids is done with a Multi-Channel Liquid Handling Tool (4-Needle Head), with four independent needles. The four needles can be operated simultaneously or individually. If required the tool can be equipped with needles of different inner diameters. Larger diameter needles for the handling of suspensions or liquids with higher viscosities, smaller diameter needles for handling of small volumes. 
Both dispensing units include an overhead balance, and allow dispensing and simultaneous weighing of liquids into various vials, reactors, well-plates.