Fullfill High-Throughput Demands in Rheology Measurement


Rheology analysis is a powerful tool for material development, processing and quality control.
Chemspeed’s FLEX RHEO allows fully automated rheology measurement for various workflows.

  • Increase throughput
  • Enhance reproducibility and quality
  • Optimize costs
  • Boost innovation
Easy-to-use software

AutoSuite software supports fully unattended rheology measurement.
It enables quick execution, analysis and reporting.

Key features

  • Anti-vibration set-up
  • Active washing of geometries
  • Easy export of data
  • Reproducible sample dispensing
  • Minimized cleaning liquid consumption
  • Fast integration into lab environment

Flexibility and versatility by design

Various setups are available with Chemspeed’s FLEX RHEO.

Example of integrated rheometer: TA Instruments Discovery HR-1 (other brands and specifications available upon request).

  • Various temperature control units
  • Cooling system with recirculating liquid
  • Protection hood with solvent trap for minimized solvent loss


Optional features

The FLEX RHEO can easily be expanded at virtually any time (higher throughput, modified
specifications, features, workflows, etc.).

  • Barcode Reader: Automated sample identification and increased process safety
  • FLEX VESSEL STORAGE: Extended sample storage for longer unattended run
  • FLEX SCREWCAPPER: To work with closed samples and minimize drying
  • FLEX PH: Automated pH measurement / adjustment