SWIP - Reformatting of Liquid / Viscous Compounds with 10µg Resolution


Pharmaceutical industry faces the increased demand for innovative medicines against various diseases. In this regard, the compound library in pharmaceutical industry is the most valuable asset. However, the compound distribution from the library into the screening plates is often still done manually and binds highly qualified resources to very time-consuming, tedious and error-prone tasks.

FLEX SWIP – Revolution of Reformatting for Liquid / Viscous Compounds



  Facing challenges such as:

  • Tedious & error prone weighing of thousands of liquid, sticky or oily compounds
  • Having your highly educated, valuable lab staff tied to balances and mundane tasks
  • Time-consuming weighing processes
  • The need to distribute very small amounts (sub-mg) of liquid and viscous compounds such as API’s, tints, surfactants, etc.
  • Transfer of amounts that are smaller than a drop from a source into a destination vial


Solution to overcome these challenges:

SWILE: Automated Gravimetric Pick & Decision Dispensing Tool for solid


Chemspeed’s fully automated, integrated FLEX SWIP provides a flexible, modular, and uncompromising automated solution that:

  • Enables fully automated one-to-one distribution from the library into e.g. screening plates, formulation vials / vessels
  • Allows for unattended operation which liberates resources and removes potential human error
  • Increases efficiency and reduces cost
  • Offers fully automated “pick & decision dispense” from almost any source into any destination (matrix-to-matrix)
  • Features a dispensing range from <100 μg to 100 mg with 10 μg resolution
  • Provides revolutionary accuracy & precision due to “decision dispensing”
  • Is operated using disposable glass tips (SWIPs)
  • Eliminates cross-contamination
  • Provides the option of compensation dispensing in combination with overhead gravimetric liquid dispensing
  • Features an optimized footprint (3×3 ft., 90×90 cm) versus capacity … all while reducing costs / maximizing return on investment