FLEX SWIP – Revolution of Reformatting for Liquid / Viscous Compounds


  Facing challenges such as:

  • Tedious & error prone weighing of thousands of liquid, sticky or oily compounds
  • Having your highly educated, valuable lab staff tied to balances and mundane tasks
  • Time-consuming weighing processes
  • The need to distribute very small amounts (sub-mg) of liquid and viscous compounds such as API’s, tints, surfactants, etc.
  • Transfer of amounts that are smaller than a drop from a source into a destination vial


Solution to overcome these challenges:


Chemspeed’s fully automated, integrated FLEX SWIP provides a flexible, modular, and uncompromising automated solution that:

  • Enables fully automated one-to-one distribution from the library into e.g. screening plates, formulation vials / vessels
  • Allows for unattended operation which liberates resources and removes potential human error
  • Increases efficiency and reduces cost
  • Offers fully automated “pick & decision dispense” from almost any source into any destination (matrix-to-matrix)
  • Features a dispensing range from <100 μg to 100 mg with 10 μg resolution
  • Provides revolutionary accuracy & precision due to “decision dispensing”
  • Is operated using disposable glass tips (SWIPs)
  • Eliminates cross-contamination
  • Provides the option of compensation dispensing in combination with overhead gravimetric liquid dispensing
  • Features an optimized footprint (3×3 ft., 90×90 cm) versus capacity … all while reducing costs / maximizing return on investment