Fully Automated Solution for R&D and QC Laboratories


Flexshuttle is the step-changing solution for product development and quality control workflows.

The modular design enables significant efficiency increase combined with high quality and maximum ease of use.

  • Design your automated laboratory
  • Navigate on the system with shuttles
  • Model, execute and control multiple workflows
Key Benefits

  • Increase throughput
  • Enhance reproducibility and quality
  • Minimize errors by automation
  • Enable digitalization
  • Reduce time to market
  • Boost innovation

Federated Software Solution

ARKSUITE workflow management software enables quick design, execution, analysis and reporting.

Key features

  • Create workflow templates
  • Make decisions in real time
  • Tweak any parameter
  • Track samples with barcodes
  • Interact with 3rd party systems
  • Import / export run data
  • Integrate with LIMS or ELN
  • Connect with AI / ML / DoE tools

Exemplary workflow
Exemplary layout - modular according to your laboratory size

Easily expanded at virtually any time (higher throughput, modified specifications, 
features, workflows, etc.).

Exemplary throughput

120 - 300+ samples per day 
(depending on detailed specifications)

Meet different needs with one concept

Bring different departments, ideas and knowledge together for a cost-effective fully automated solution.

Research & Development

Screen raw materials and process parameters.
Develop and optimize formulations. 
Characterize and test formulations and finished products.

Quality Control

Test samples for final release of production batches.


Evaluate / validate raw materials suppliers.


Produce samples for your customers.


Build up your federated laboratory

Orchestrate laboratory tasks across many systems with ARKSUITE software.
Perform independent workflows and link them with central data management.

  • Virtually connect systems located anywhere
  • Design and execute dynamic workflows
  • Manage experiments, inventory and results
  • Pilot all systems centrally