flexshuttle - automated development of paints & coatings formulations


FLEXSHUTTLE for Object Oriented Workflow Design / Experimentation is the step-changing high-throughput and high-output solution for a virtually unrestricted combination of sequential and parallel processing of entire (or partial) product development workflows. The unrivalled design enables significant product development efficiency increases combined with the highest quality and maximum ease of use.

Fulfilling high-throughput demands in formulation, application and testing.


  • Increase speed by a factor of up to 100.
  • Consistent high quality output.
  • Significantly more comprehensive assortment of colour shades.
  • Decreased raw material consumption and waste.
  • Start, stop, insert or remove a sample (e.g. individual or matrix recipes) at any point in time without having to reprogram the other samples in the system.
  • Prioritise samples at any time.
  • Individually and simply program tasks and workflows for single (shuttles) or batches of samples in any sequence.
  • Easy and intuitive “drag & drop” experimentation.
  • Combine batch, parallel and sequential activities in a single workflow leading to the best possible ROI as it offers complete scheduling efficiency without the complexity of the traditional “overall scheduling” required by older technologies.
  • Ability to expand the workflows and tools, and exchange tools and functionality with minimal interruption and disruption of the functions already in place. This allows for the addition of either new functionalities or an increase in capacity at any point in the workflow.

Shuttle with unrestricted sequence of tasks

Autonomous Shuttle with unrestricted sequence of task


Customer testimonial

“The essential advantages compared with former manual operations have been:

  • to increase speed by a factor of 20
  • to increase reproducibility
  • to increase diversity (significantly more comprehensive assortment of color shades)
  • to decrease raw material consumption and thus cost as well as waste by a factor of 10
  • to improve hygiene and safety in favor of the operators due to complete automation”