Automated Viscous Liquid Dispensing into Formulation Vessels


The leading technology in overhead gravimetric dispensing / dosing (patented) combined with our disposbale formulation and testing vials and / or precision formulation and testing vessels / blenders, and our user-friendly software, allow you to automatically perform formulation and testing workflows in the lubricants industries.

  • Decrease in cost per sample up to 90+ %.
  • Increase in productivity by a factor of 10+.
  • 4-Needle Head for volumetric liquid handling and sampling.
  • Gravimetric dispensing (solids, powders, liquids, highly viscous materials) into disposable formulation and testing vials and / or precision formulation and testing vessels / blenders.
  • The balance moves to the destination, increasing speed and efficiency.
  • Balance resolution of 100 µg, or 10 µg.
  • A large dispensing range, from a few mg up to several grams.
  • Continuous real-time monitoring and control of all formulation parameters, inc. internal and jacket temperature, shear rate and viscosity, scraping speed, reflux and pH in an inert atmosphere if desired.
  • Flexible adjustment of scraper positioning / orientation.
  • Choice of scraper material e.g. PTFE, PEEK.
  • Dispensed amount, mixing speed, temperature, time…, and other data are stored in a read only log file.
  • Easy access to data with a convenient interface to pull results into Excel or virtually any other software.
  • Interface to DOE.

Enhance your Efficiency and Productivity with our Workflow Solutions!


Chemspeed’s solution: FORMAX LUBES- A workstation that is tailored by flexible combination of the following modules:

  • Blending module for up to 24 different blends per run with up to 60+ ingredients.
  • Characterization module with tailored solutions for foam collapsing, VOC, TBN…
  • Lifetime Prediction module with tailored solutions, e.g. temperature screening from -50 °C to +250 °C.
  • Forced Degradiation with tailored solutions to mimic a hostile environment, e.g. high shear forces, high pressure, abrasion mimicking, surface enlargement.

  • 20-30 ingredients like: Base oil, Friction Modifier, Viscosity Modifier, Anti-Oxidants, Detergents, Corrosion Inhibitors etc.
  • Different ingredient ratios pre-formulations, temperature and mixing profiles. Example: If 7 different raw materials at 3 different amounts results in 343 experiments (73, full factorial design).
FORMAX LUBES service lifetime

  • Temperature.
  • Hydrolytic stability.
  • Oxidation stability.
  • Acidity.
  • IR measurement.
  • Particle size distribution.
  • Photo imaging (UV, IR).
FORMAX LUBES characterisation

  • TBN / TAN.
  • Foam collapsing.
  • VOC.
  • Compatibility screening.
FORMAX LUBES forced degradation

  • Soot addition.
  • Artificial (metallic) abrasion mimicking.
  • High shear forces.
  • High pressure.
  • Gaseous pollution.

Customer testimonial

“Benefits of the FORMAX LUBES automated workstation comprise e.g.

  • Overhead gravimetric dispensing of solids, liquids, highly viscous liquids WHILE heating, refluxing, mixing and
    scraping, cooling.
  • Each formulation vessel with its own set of conditions.
  • Integrated „forced“ testing e.g. via rapid temperature cyling, gasification combined with defined contaminant.
  • Workstation fulfills the requirements for both oils and greases.
  • Workstation fulfills the requirements for process technology (e.g. shearing and composition series).
  • Workstation enables raw material mapping / reformulation, e.g. related to REACH.”