Integrated solutions: Flexshuttle

The FLEXSHUTTLE approach comprises a hardware and software concept which allows to automate virtually any combination of R&D workflow steps and functions.  Systems adapted to your specific needs may integrate any steps from sample preparation to synthesis, formulation, application and testing of new products with an unreached flexibility and variability.

Decision guided workflows can be implemented in adjustable systems using fully automated IF/ELSE-functions. Independently programmable shuttles and branches for intelligent, adjustable and dynamic workflows are Chemspeed’s paradigm shifting answer for The High Output Lab of the future.

Exemplary Workflow for formulation, application and testing


Gamification of R&D

The FLEXSHUTTLE concept allows programming shuttles with virtually any combination of with an unrivalled flexibility and versatility in an easy and game-like way:

  • Easy drag n’ drop functions to generate additional or new workflow steps on each FLEX cube …
  • Drag n’ drop any workflow steps to create personalized workflows
  • …and launch a single sample/shuttle up to hundreds of samples/shuttles within such a workflow
  • Control, redirect, alter or influence each sample individually at virtually any time while running without disturbing other running samples.
  • Prioritize samples at any time.


multi-layer software and Hardware concept enabling intelligent product development workflows

Top Layer:  ArkSuite Workflow Management Software.


Lower layer: AutoSuite User Interface & Executor

drag and drop - Autosuite Software