BABOR cosmetics speeds up skin care research with Chemspeed’s FORMAX

By purchasing the Chemspeed FORMAX robotic platform BABOR, a leading brand in professional skincare, has been taking skincare research to the next level.

BABOR’s world class scientists working in the labs at its premises in Aachen conceive the most effective skincare formulations. However, those scientists have more ideas than they can cope with in the lab. As changing even the slightest parameter in a formulation can have an impact on the effectiveness of the skincare cream, process and raw material space need to be investigated thoroughly. This takes time. That is why BABOR introduced the Chemspeed FORMAX robotic platform to its R&D team. “This automated platform accelerates the research process – we can work 20 times faster than before. And we do not only test our formulations faster, but also more precisely.” Andrea Weber, Head of R&D at BABOR Cosmetics explains.


BABOR is one of the leading brands in professional cosmetics. The company’s partners are cosmetic institutes as well as exclusive Hotel Spas. To this day, BABOR is a family-owned company. All products are exclusively manufactured at the company’s premises in Aachen, where 255 employees are dedicated to creating beauty. Thanks to its Research and Development department, a central pillar of the company, BABOR takes a leading position on the international market. In-house laboratories and long-term co-operations with renowned universities like the Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen as well as other scientific institutions guarantee innovative skincare of the highest quality and effectiveness. Together with its long-standing expertise in skincare treatments BABOR guarantees sustained beauty and well-being.

June 1, 2011