FLEXSHUTTLE COLMATCH: High-Throughput / High-Output Automated System for Colour Blending and Colour Matching

FLEXSHUTTLE for Object Oriented Workflow Design / Experimentation is the step-changing high-throughput and high-output solution for a virtually unrestricted combination of sequential and parallel processing of entire (or partial) product development workflows. The unrivalled design enables significant product development efficiency increases combined with the highest quality and maximum ease of use.

Fulfilling high-throughput demands in formulation, application and testing.

Key Advantages:

  • Increase speed by a factor of up to 100.
  • Consistent high quality output.
  • Significantly more comprehensive assortment of colour shades.
  • Decreased raw material consumption and waste.
  • Start, stop, insert or remove a sample (e.g. individual or matrix recipes) at any point in time without having to reprogram the other samples in the system.
  • Prioritise samples at any time.
  • Individually and simply program tasks and workflows for single (shuttles) or batches of samples in any sequence.
  • Easy and intuitive “drag & drop” experimentation.
  • Combine batch, parallel and sequential activities in a single workflow leading to the best possible ROI as it offers complete scheduling efficiency without the complexity of the traditional “overall scheduling” required by older technologies.
  • Ability to expand the workflows and tools, and exchange tools and functionality with minimal interruption and disruption of the functions already in place. This allows for the addition of either new functionalities or an increase in capacity at any point in the workflow.

Shuttle with unrestricted sequence of tasks

Autonomous Shuttle with unrestricted sequence of tasks

Customer Testimonial

Today we can make 200 colour shade formulations and draw-down applications within 12h in a fully automated and reproducible manner, allowing us to faster, better, and wider respond to our customer needs. Chemspeed’s enabling automation technology allows us to efficiently and reproducibly develop high-quality paint formulations which is the “best solution of today, tomorrow”.

“All In One” or “One By One”

Automated high-throughput and high-output workflow solutions for standardized and accelerated paints and coatings product development. From single workstations up to unrestricted combination of sequential and parallel processing (object oriented workflow design).


Module Based systems – connected with shuttles

  • Design your automated laboratory
  • Navigate in the laboratory with shuttle
  • Model, execute and control


Enhance your Efficiency and Productivity with our Workflow Solutions!



  • Reduce the number of color matching cycles.
  • Increase diversity (significantly more comprehen- sive assortment of color shades).
  • Decrease raw material consumption and waste and thus cost by a factor of 10.
  • Improve hygiene and safety due to complete automation.
  • Reduce time to market.

Technical Details Formulation and Application – FLEXSHUTTLE Modules

 Workflow Steps Formulation Modules Pictures Features
Storage Module for Vessel, Vial,
Glass, etc.
Automatic lift storage and handling system for formulation vessel, vial, glass, etc.:

  • Removable sliding trays for easy off-line loading
  • Allows for manual loading of ad-hoc samples during a run (e.g. priority formulations)
  Screw Capper Module   Automatic “top-only” screw capping / decapping:

  • To open / close vessels / vials / containers
  • Suitable for various cap sizes / types
  Liquid Dispensing
(Small Scale) – Spartakus
  Dispensing unit for small amounts of (viscous) liquids (e.g. Tint /Colorant):

  • Automatic weighing of dispensed liquid
  • Pro-ratio dispensing
  • For up to 112 dispensing units
  • Optional heating of dispensing units
  Liquid Dispensing
(Medium Scale) – Gizmo
 Dispensing unit for medium amounts of (viscous) liquids Dispensing unit for medium amounts of (viscous) liquids (e.g. Tint / Colorant):

  • Automatic weighing of dispensed liquid
  • Pro-ratio dispensing
  • Carousel with up to 36 stainless steel dispensing containers
  • Optional heating jacket and stirrer
  Liquid Dispensing
(Large Scale)
  Automatic pressure dispensing system for (viscous) liquids (e.g. base paints):

  • Automatic weighing of dispensed liquid
  • Pro-ratio dispensing
  • Various bucket sizes available, e.g. 24L, 45L, 60L
  • Optional heating and stirrer
  Dual Asymmetric
Centrifugation Module
 Dual Asymmetric Mixing Fully integrated mixer for dispersing / mixing a variety of materials:

  • Dual asymmetric centrifugation technology
  • Non-invasive mixing method (no clean up needed)
  • Mixing and deaeration achieved simultaneously
  Labelling Module   Automatic system for labelling vessel, vial, glass, flat substrate with self adhesive label:

  • Thermal transfer printer with print and apply technology
  • Variety of black and white printing options e.g. barcode, logo, text
  • Variety of materials (e.g. paper, PP, PE) and sizes


Workflow Steps Application Modules Pictures Features
  Storage Module for Substrate  Storage hotel for substrates Automatic storage and handling system for flat substrates:

  • Suitable for various formats and substrate materials, e.g. metal, plastic, paper, glass (unstable substrates may need to be supported by a metallic frame)
  • Tower set-up with removable cassettes that hold plates during storage
  Draw Down Module
 Automated draw-down including cleaning of draw-down applicator Automatic Draw Down system:

  • Suitable for various substrate formats and materials, e.g. paper, glass, metal, plastic)
  • Wide range of spiral and draw down bars available
  • Wet layer thickness 6 um … 300 um
  • Constant pressure
  • Active cleaning station for draw-down bars


Workflow Steps Characterization / Testing Modules Pictures Features
   Barcode Reading  Unattended Barcore Reader Unattended barcode:

  • 1D / 2D barcodes
  • For vessel, glass, flat substrate, etc.
  Color Measurement Module   Fully integrated automatic system for color measurement:

  • Suitable for various substrate sizes and materials, e.g. paper, glass, metal, plastic
  Color Adjustment Software  Integrated software for automatic recipe definition and colour matching Integrated software for automatic recipe definition and color matching.

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