Polymer R&D faces challenges such as the need for highly innovative products with superior performance, cost pressure (e.g. due to capacity increase in the case of PE), bans on additives. High reproducibility, sustainable knowledge preservation and up-/downscaling sensitivity are key factors during these tasks.

Chemspeed offers high-throughput and high-output solutions which automate your R&D without compromise in areas such as:

  • Pressure polymerization (e.g. olefins, alkylene oxides)
  • Solution polymerization (e.g. acrylics)
  • Controlled / living solution polymerization (e.g. NMP, RAFT, ATRP)
  • Mass polymerization (e.g. carbonates)
  • Graft polymerization (e.g. modified PEG)
  • Dispersion polymerization (e.g. aqueous polyurethanes)
  • Emulsion polymerization (e.g. nanolatexes, styrenes)

Highly innovative technologies allow mimicking virtually any polymerization process in a fully automated way. This saves precious time and increases output and quality of your lab dramatically, by using concepts designed for chemists by chemists.