Reactors, Vessels, Vials

High-throughput and high-output parallel synthesis

reactor block for automated synthesis

Further enhanced by

  • disposable glass vials for µl to ml library synthesis

  • SWILE for µl parallel synthesis

  • photochemistry setup  


Automated, parallel

  • Organic library syntheses, medicinal chemistry
  • Reaction screening
  • Route scouting / early process research
  • Photochemical library syntheses
  • Ligand library syntheses
  • Organometallic library syntheses
  • Living / controlled polymerizations
  • Nanomaterials syntheses
  • Impregnations
  • Biomass pretreatment and conversion
  • C-X Coupling, hydrogenation, hydroformylation, carbonylation, metathesis, oxidation, … screenings
  • Route scouting / early process research
  • Polyolefin solution- & slurry-phase screenings

Fully integrated and automated reactor arrays for parallel or combinatorial library synthesis, allowing for a vast range of synthetic manipulations even under inert atmosphere or pressure compliant with our proprietary overhead gravimetric dispensing of solids, liquids, viscous liquids, pastes, waxes directly into the reactors / vials.

Main features:

  • Up to 288 parallel reactions on one platform based on e.g. 2 mL scale
  • Efficient temperature control, either per array or per reactor (optional)
  • Integrated reflux, filtration, crystallization, l/l extraction, solid phase extraction
  • Efficient yet gentle vortex mixing, even while accessing the reactor
  • Inert atmosphere for sensitive reagents or inert reaction conditions:
    • Inertization of the reactors (vacuum inert gas cycles)
    • Inertization of the entire workstations enclosed hood
  • Pseudomechanical stirring for viscous liquids or slurries (optional)
  • Integration of internal temperature or pH probes (optional)
  • Reactor / vial volume: 0.2 mL to 100 mL
  • Temperature range: -70 °C to 200 °C
  • Maximum pressure: 100 bar
  • Vortex range: 100 rpm to 1400 rpm

High-throughput and high-output process development

Technology-Process-Development-1 screwless opening / closing, self-sealing, transmissionless stirrer drive, easily exchangeable stirrer designs


Automated, parallel

  • Organic synthesis optimization & scale-up/strong>
  • Ligand synthesis optimization & scale-up
  • Organometallic optimization synthesis & scale-up
  • Ziegler-Natta synthesis
  • Polyolefin pre-polymerizations, solution-, slurry-, bulk-, gas-phase, multi-stage syntheses
  • Living / controlled, emulsion, suspension, mass polymerizations
  • Impregnations
  • (Mixed) oxide, zeolite syntheses
  • Catalyst testing in batch, semi-continuous, continuous mode
  • Nanomaterials syntheses
  • Biomass pretreatment and conversion

For highly demanding synthetic processes, process parameter evaluation / optimization (proven acceptable ranges) and scale-up – individually controlled & operated tank reactors compliant with our proprietary overhead gravimetric dispensing of solids, liquids, viscous liquids, pastes, and waxes, directly into the reactors.
Up to 36 quality-by-design reactors simulating 3-5 liter reactors can be integrated on one platform. 

Main features:

  • 100, 250 AND / OR 1000 mL process reactors on the same platform
  • Continuous feeding of liquids, liquefied gases down to 5 µl/min at up to 100 bar
  • Multiple gaseous / liquid (co-)feeds
  • 80 Pa.s at 300 rpm with anchor stirrer
  • Integrated viscosity & calorimetry
  • pH monitoring and control
  • Interfaces with different probes such as NIR, MIR, UV/VIS
  • Flexible stirrer designs: easily exchangeable stirrer with hollow shaft design (anchor, twisted blade, …)
  • 0.1°C precision
  • -20 to 250°C (optionally down to -50°C, up to 350°C)
  • Independent heating & cooling
  • Controlled heating ramps down to 0.1°C
  • Integrated reflux condenser
  • Maximum pressure 100 bar
  • Vacuum for e.g. inertization, filtration, evaporation, distillation, crystallization
  • l/l and solid-phase extraction
  • Vessel-to-vessel transfer
  • Dean Stark water trap
  • Cylinder magnet (avoid transmission)
  • Automated reactor closure, self-contained drawer under pressure (easy to dismantle, security system, high pressure pumps, continuous flow…)

High-throughput and high-output formulation and characterization


Automated, parallel

  • Emulsion formulation, application, testing
  • Paint formulation, application, testing
  • Personal care products (sun screen, skin care, lipstick, mascara, hair care & colorants, …) formulation, application, testing
  • Home care products (liquid & solid detergents, …) formulation, application, testing
  • OLED, OPV, fuel cell ink formulation, application, testing
  • Battery paste and electrolyte formulation, application / assembly, testing
  • Engine oil and grease formulation and testing
  • Catalyst paste making and extrusion

For virtually unrestricted formulation methodologies in order to investigate both the raw material and the parameter space – individually controlled & operated formulation reactors/blenders compliant with our proprietary overhead gravimetric dispensing of solids, liquids, viscous liquids, pastes, waxes directly into the blenders.
Up to 36 blenders can be integrated on one platform.

Main features:

  • Individual powerful stirring vessel for highest mixing, dissolving, emulsification power
  • Agitation up to 6’000 rpm even during gravimetric addition of highly viscous reagents and powders
  • Flexible stirrer designs (rotor / stator, dispersing disk, customized)
  • Max. viscosity with rotor-stator, 250’000 mPa.s at 2000 rpm
  • Max. viscosity with dissolver disk, 125’000 mPa.s at 2000 rpm
  • Conveniently exchangeable scrapers for maximum formulation quality (from 20 to 200 rpm)
  • Continuous feed pumps
  • Pt100 internal and external temperature control +/-0.1°C
  • Independent electrical and fluidic heating / cooling systems for highest accuracy (-20 to 250°C, +/-0.1°C)
  • Calorimetric measurement (calorimetric probe 1W)
  • Viscosity measurement / rheometry
  • pH measurement and control
  • Vacuum connections for degassing, extraction, evaporation
  • Different gas supplies (e.g. inert or other gases)
  • Large choice of pre-formulation vessels (magnetically stirred, shaken, heated, cooled vessels, high pressure reactor, disposable vials, …)

High-throughput sample preparation
reactors - sample preparation

A range of different crimp-neck and screw cap sample vials and reactors is available for a vast range of purposes, compliant with its proprietary overhead gravimetric dispensing of solids, liquids, viscous liquids, pastes, and waxes, directly into the blenders. Many procedures, such as evaporation of solvents or filtration/extraction can be performed via the integration of designated robotic tools.

Main features:

  • Vortex mixing
  • Temperature control
  • Evaporation of solvents (optional evaporation tool is required)
  • Reflux (optional reflux tool is required)
  • Filtration (optional filtration head is required)
  • Capping, de-capping, screw capping and transport of reactors (work under pressure/multi-step synthesis)
  • Working volumes: from µl to ml
  • Temperature range: -20 °C to 150 °C
  • Vortex speed: 100 rpm to 1400 rpm