Smole the currency-like dosing system for compound handling
Smole the currency-like dosing system for compound handling


Life science industry faces the increased demand for innovative, “Rule of five compatible small-molecule” medicines against various diseases. Time-to-market with an easily accessible but highly innovative API is essential. Gamification of Research & Development represents a paradigm shift in life science research. It enables flexibility, diversity, standardization, and speed in the entire discovery process, i.e. synthesis, purification, sample management, reformatting and biology testing, based on an unprecedented automation concept combined with SMOLE.



SMOLE is a disruptive, easy-to-use, standardized and ready-to-apply chemicals consumables technology which is key towards Gamification of Medicinal Chemistry.

With the SMOLE©, Chemspeed has combined its technical expertise and knowledge to benefit the requirements of researchers in the lab.
SMOLE© is a unique and revolutionary concept for compound handling and reaction preparation by providing prefilled chemicals in various fixed molarities in sealed and crushable ampules (e.g. 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00 mmol).

Smole the currency-like dosing system for compound handlingSmole - currency-like dosing system for reagent handling in lab R&D

  • Error-prone calculations are eliminated and the reagent quality increased thus enhancing the scientific significance
  • Tedious and time-consuming weighing, cleaning and handling procedures are eliminated or massively reduced, therefore
    the time to reaction is reduced and time to market decreased significantly
  • Dramatically reduces prepraration and work-up time by a factor of 10+
  • Safety is increased as storage of chemicals and handling of hazardous compounds is performed in a clean and self-
    contained manner
  • Low entry barrier since concept is fully compatible with researchers’ classical work routines
  •  Sustainable handling of chemicals is increased
  • The costly waste management is reduced significantly
  • The intellectual property of the customer is not affected
  • Compatible with manual and automated synthesis equipment


Customer testimonial

  • “The next step to pre-filled chemicals. Chemspeed has invented the 2D Nespresso™ system for Chemists”
  • “SMOLE© results in major time saving for my daily work”
  • “SMOLE© is a green concept as you use less chemicals”
  • “I like the ease of use, the convenience of the concept is compelling”
  • “I can handle toxic and aggresive chemicals without any concern for my safety”
  • “Quality improvement : chemicals are always fresh”
  • “Chemicals are now easily available in the correct amount –
    without calculation, weighing, cleaning and waste management!”