Digitalize your entire laboratory workflow.

A woman with brown hair wearing a hololens on a dark grey background
End-2-End digitalization of your laboratory processes. Comprehensive capture of all relevant data from manual, mechanized and automated steps.
Digitalize your entire workflow. Program all aspects of your experimental procedure from complimentary data, to manual steps, to automated processes and analytics in one continuous process.
Digitize your entire lab by integrating all benchtop and automated systems. Control and/or automatically retrieve data from instruments without intervention.
Simplifies lab work and provides increased transparency for complete knowledge capture.


Manual or automated -
ARKSUITE SOFIA digitalizes any lab environment

Task execution, technique, and accuracy are all critical when carrying out any experiment. Discrepancies in either of these areas can be catastrophic to your results. Reducing, or even elimnating, these descrepancies can be quite challenging. Until now.

Automation has been the go-to technology to improve data integrity and continuity. Tasks executed on these systems are reported through extensive log files containing all pertinent data. But what happens outside of the platform is often overlooked and lost. ARKSUITE SOFIA allows the complete workflow to be programmed (manual and automated) and tracked by combining both workstreams into one entire workflow. True end-to-end traceability for the digitalization of your process.

Using augmented reality technology, researchers will have their task list at the bench in the most non-intrusive way. We enable the hands-free capture of experimental details during execution using interactive holograms. This is further enhanced with verbal, picture, and/or video recordings. This product further extends your digital environment with your lab’s Dynamic Radical Digital Twin. Spatial technology allows locations of samples, reagents, equipment, etc... to digitally become a part of your workflow design to help optimize lab efficiency and maximize output. 

  • Introduce augmented reality in the lab
  • Digitize your manual workflows 
  • Capture all executed steps 
  • Capture voice, picture, and video recordings in real time 
  • Dynamic Radical Digital Twin provides a digitized laboratory and supports comprehensive execution data capture 
  • Integrate bench processes and automation protocols into one continuous workflow 

A female scientist with brown hair wearing an AR hololens and gesturing at a blue and grey Chemspeed robotic system