SWILE: Automated Powder Dispensing
Swile Compound Management


Pharmaceutical industry faces the increased demand for innovative medicines against various diseases. In this regard, the compound library in pharmaceutical industry is the most valuable asset. However, the compound distribution from the library into the screening plates is often still done manually and binds highly qualified resources to very time-consuming, tedious and error-prone tasks.

Chemspeed’s revolutionary SWILE automated workstation provokes a step change in compound management.


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compound management

Key Features:

  • Fully Automated Compound Management
  • Revolutionary accuracy & precision due to decision dispensing.
  • Automated “pick & decision dispense” from almost any source into any destination.
  • Dispensing range from < 100 μg to 100 mg with +- 10 μg resolution.
  • Disposable glass tips (SWINs).
  • No cross-contamination.
  • No dead volume.
  • A recovery rate equal or higher than in manual procedures.
  • Unattended operation (with optional inert atmosphere).
  • Boost in your R&D process and time to market.

Breakthrough Dispensing Technology – Ultimate Decision Dispensing

The SWILE technology is the first fully automated true one-to-one gravimetric “pick & decision dispense” of compounds. The below scheme displays the simplified SWILE workflow including a precision “pick & decision dispense” step. The technology backbone is following Chemspeed’s proprietary overhead gravimetric dispensing tool design in combination with a second analytical on-deck-balance.

SWILE Workflow

compound management

Accuracies and precisions are tremendously increased by this “pick & decision dispense” algorithm. The integrated balance of the SWILE tool has a resolution of 100 μg which actively measures during the pick-up process. This enables a controlled pick-up of the target amount prior to the actual dispense.

During the latter, the on-deck-balance with a resolution of 10 μg  is actively recording the weight of the received compound and enhances the accuracy and precision by controlling the SWILE tool. In comparison to conventional micro dispensers no manual pre-filling of containers is needed, as a direct transfer from any kind of source (e.g. vial, tube, plate) into any kind of destination (e.g. vial, tube, plate) can be conducted.

Tip Volume Swile

In order to exclude any risk of cross-contamination disposable glass tips are used which are stored and provided by a SWIN dispenser.

They are available in different sizes (diameter) and can be adjusted according to the desired target amount to be dispensed. Additionally, a tilt / shake rack is used which is loosening up and tilting the powder prior to the pick-up.