High-Quality, End-to-End Automated Sample Preparation and GC-MS Analysis For Drug Analysis (e.g. Heroin Signature)


Robustness and ease-of-use by design

Liquid handling technology combined with vortex and automated centrifugation, and our
user-friendly software allow you to automatically handle virtually any type of extraction of any
type of sample and the subsequent analysis.

Key features

  • Throughput of 64 samples per day (1-shift operation).
  • Fully automated extraction, derivatization and analysis, assuring accurate and reproducible results.
  • Entire run and event data logged in a read-only file and export into e.g. LIMS.
  • Proven off-the-shelf compact / integrated robotic platform, tools, modules and software, i.e. multiply scaled unit operations.
  • 4- or 8-Needle Head for volumetric liquid handling and sampling.
  • Dispensed amount, mixing speed, temperature, time, and other data are stored in a readonly log file.
  • Integrated centrifuge.
  • Integrated GC-MS analysis.
  • Sample tracking throughout the workflow via barcode tracking.
  • Containment / hood for safety and conditioned operation.
  • Inherent flexibility and modularity for future upgrades.

  • Agency Validated Drug Signature
  • Whatever Drug Sample
  • Extraction / Derivatization / GC-MS

Enhance your efficiency and productivity with our workflow solutions
Technical details

Chemspeed’s SWING DRU-X-TOR deck modularity allows the user to execute high-quality automated sample preparation and GC-MS analysis for drug analysis (e.g. Heroin signature)

4- or 8-Needle Head

Volumetric dispensing and aspiration of liquids is done with a multi-channel liquid handling tool (4- or 8-Needle Head), with four / eight independent needles. The needles can be operated simultaneously or individually. The tool can be equipped with needles of different inner diameters and combined with different sizes of syringes. 
Larger diameter needles for the handling of suspensions or liquids with higher viscosities, smaller diameter needles for handling of small volumes are available.

High performance centrifuge

The centrifuge is a peripheral device which, in conjunction with the robotic transfer station, can be used for automated work-up of samples prepared on a SWING platform.

Robotic Transfer Station

The robotic transfer station is used to interact with 3rd party equipment. It can be used to transfer vials from the SWING tray to a peripheral device such as a centrifuge.

Multi Gripper Robotic Tool

The gripper is used to transport vials, tubes, racks.