Automated Parallel Pressure Extraction of Whatever


The SWING SPEEDEXTRACT uses a combination of elevated temperature with corresponding autogeneous pressure to increase the efficiency / speed of the extraction process, resulting in dramatically faster extraction times and better quality.

Robustness and ease-of-use by design

Key Advantages
  • Decrease in cost per sample up to 90+ %.
  • Increase in productivity by a factor of 10+.
  • Parallel common extraction under elevated pressure, i.e. using superheated extraction conditions.
  • Higher analyte solubility.
  • Faster analyte diffusion from matrix into solvent.
  • Decreased solvent viscosity for increased solvent penetration into the matrix.
  • Gravimetric dispensing (liquids, solids, powders, low-viscous to highly-viscous materials, waxes, etc.) into the rack / extractor format of your choice.
  • Powder dispensing / dosing robotic tool can be combined with other tools to accommodate multiple workflows.
  • 4-Needle Head for volumetric liquid handling and sampling.
  • Dispensed amount, mixing speed, temperature, pressure, time..., and other data are stored in a read only log file.
  • Easy access to data with a convenient interface to pull results into Excel or virtually any other software.
  • Interface to DOE.
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Speed up your extraction process and do it in minutes instead of hours!

As the extraction rate roughly doubles if the temperature is increased by 10 °C, extractions that normally take hours can be done in minutes using SWING SPEEDEXTRACT. 

Fields of application:

  • Extraction of active ingredients from plants for pharmaceutical and nutritional health science.
  • Extraction of pesticides from food samples (e.g. QuEChERS).
  • Determination of fat and fatty acids in diary products.
  • Acid digestion for characterization of sediment, sludge and soil.
  • Enforced degradation for analysis of polymer biodegradation or plasma analysis.


Technical Details

Chemspeed’s SWING SPEEDEXTRACT deck modularity allows the user to execute and perform a variety of accelerated extraction workflows in a fully automated fashion.

SWING dimensions: 
1’480 x 910 x 1’860 mm 
(4’ 4 3/8” x 3’ x 6’ 1 1/4”) 

SWING XL dimensions:
2’350 x 950 x 1’920 mm 
(7’ 70” x 3’ 2” x 6’ 4”)

SPEEDEXTRACT extraction block

SPEEDEXTRACT block for 12, 24, 48 or 96 vial plates (or customized formats).

Key Features:

  • Up to 100 bar operating pressure at up to 250 °C.
  • Heating / cooling and shaking.
  • Automated closing / opening combined with transfer tool for e.g. transport of vials and extraction plates.
  • Extraction time reduced from hours down to minutes.
  • Safer and cleaner than using microwave.
  • Higher pressure compared to microwave ovens (reactors) results in significant extraction rate acceleration in parallel and disposable formats.