Chemspeed’s AutoSuite software enables you to quickly design, execute, analyze and report experiments with your automated Chemspeed workstation. Start with a prebuilt workflow or design your own by dragging and dropping any number of predefined tasks to create your own application

Key Features:

  • Flexible design of experimental workflows via drag and drop
  • Encapsulate complex workflows into easily reusable macro tasks
  • Utilize extensive built-in programming tools to design complex workflows to meet your needs
  • Customize your workflow by tweaking any number of pre-defined parameters
  • Print, scan and track barcodes as part of your workflow
  • Connect to any ODBC compliant database to store and retrieve experimental data
  • Import or export data during execution to CSV format
  • Execute scripts or 3rd Party programs during execution for workflow integration
  • Integrate with 3rd party systems using AutoSuite API
  • And many more…


drag and drop - Autosuite Software



  • Design your own experimental workflow using drag and drop functionality
  • Develop any number of workflows to support your business needs
  • Create advanced workflows using intuitive functions and logic controls
  • Easily reconfigure your system and workflow to support future projects



  • Start execution of your workflow with one click operation in a user friendly interface
  • Upload external data during execution for maximum experiment flexibility
  • Simulate your experiment workflows before running to optimize execution
  • Adjust experiments on the fly by calculating new parameters based on in-line values


Adjust experiments on the fly with a touch screen



  • Track experimental conditions in real-time to ensure optimal execution
  • Review experimental trends (temperature, pressure, etc.) for in-depth analysis
  • Export data during execution and analyze with 3rd party tools



  • View resulting data in Excel to quickly analyze experimental results
  • Export data to CSV format or push into an ODBC database for increased accessibility
  • Utilize 3rd party tools such as Spotfire for reporting results
  • Integrate with 3rd party tools such as LIMS or ELN to enhance reporting


configuration, application, monitoring - autosuite


Chemspeed’s ArkSuite Workflow Management Software is Chemspeed’s solution to coordinating and orchestrating overall laboratory workflows across multiple client systems.
Users can design workflows to include any number of clients including Chemspeed Workstations (FLEX/SWING) , FLEXSHUTTLE modules or even manual lab processes.
Workflows, experiments, messaging, status and inventory management are all centralized within ArkSuite. The federated architecture of ArkSuite acting as a central authority to multiple clients, enhances usability by presenting a single UI for overall system management, while maximizing flexibility and configurability of user workflows.

Design of Workflows


  • Utilize Workflow Steps representing different FLEXSHUTTLE functionality to build Workflows
  • Easily build Workflows using drag and drop
  • Copy pre-existing Workflows to create new variations easily
  • Create conditional Workflows which include structural elements (“IF / ELSE”) for maximum flexibility

Manual Interaction

  • Weave manual Workflow Steps (e.g. manual weighing) into automated Workflows for maximum flexibility
  • Keep manual data centralized for tracking and reporting
  • Access data easily via web browser on mobile devices




Setup of Experiments


  • Intuitively define and design experimental Runs for designed Workflows
  • Define multiple Experiments easily by varying  Experimental Parameters (e.g. dispense amount)
  • Import /export data to third-party applications (e.g. Excel) including meta information