Renewables & Energy Research SOLUTIONS

The supply of energy and chemicals becomes more challenging year by year as the global demand increases dynamically while we are facing increasing constraints related to fossil fuels, nuclear power plants, regulations in the context of CO2 emissions and global warming at the same time. R&D organizations therefore need to cope with these challenges typically with the same amount of resources. The only way out of this “catch 22” is to standardize and accelerate R&D.

Chemspeed offers highly innovative, high-output solutions which automate your R&D without compromise by using concepts designed for chemists by chemists in areas such as:

  • Development of alternative energy solutions providing innovative materials for e.g. batteries, solar cells, fuel cells, or mobile and stationary storages
  • Development of renewable chemicals from e.g. C1-chemistry or biomass
  • Catalyst development by incipient wetness / excessive liquid impregnation, precipitation, zeolite synthesis for e.g. hydrogenation, alkylation, isomerization, oxidation, or cracking catalysts
  • Organic and organometallic catalyst synthesis and screening for e.g. polyolefins, rubbers, or fine / specialty chemicals
  • Catalyst testing / optimization in batch, semi-continuous, continuous mode
  • Sample Preparation, QC
  • Synthesis
  • Process Research
  • Formulation
  • Application
  • Testing