Feeding the Beast - Sample Supply for Future Closed-Loop Make-Test-Design Platforms

Developing products of any kind often happens in iterative cycles. For example, small molecule drugs emerge from numerous cycles of Lead Optimization, looping many times through molecule design, synthesis, and bio-activity measurements. Automating this cycle could significantly accelerate this cycle, hence there is an increasing drive to build platforms to this end.

At a 2019 workshop on Closed-Loop Make-Test-Design Platforms for Drug Discovery and Lead Optimization, the task to efficiently feed such platforms with chemical building blocks was identified as a challenge. The principles of such Closed-Loop Platforms will be introduced, and the sample management specific questions discussed.

Dr. Oliver Peter
Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Molecular biologist by training, extensive experience in early drug target characterization, cellular assay development, and small molecule lead identification. Responsible for Idorsia's High Throughput Screening (HTS), Compound Management, and the Research Biobank.

Specialties: HTS assay development and data analysis, compound library management, human biobanking, designing software based research process control and research information management, laboratory automation.

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