Novartis - MicroCycle - New Synthetic Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities

Chemspeed Technologies, in collaboration with Holly Davis from Novartis, hosted the webinar discussing MicroCycle - New Synthetic Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities.

In this webinar we discuss the challenges faced in plate-based chemistry and highlight how new automation technologies have enabled us to increase our synthetic toolbox and access elusive disconnections.

Holly Davis, PhD
Principal Scientist HTE Medicinal Chemistry at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR)

Holly completed her undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge followed by a master’s in the group of Professor Chris Abell. She remained in the department for her PhD, supervised by Dr Robert Phipps, in the field of utilising non-covalent interactions to control regioselectivity in transition metal catalysis. In 2018, Holly moved to Basel to join the group of Professor Thomas Ward bridging the fields of chemical and biological synthesis, where she obtained a Marie-Curie fellowship to investigate the control of photoredox reactions by artificial metalloenzymes. Holly joined Novartis in late 2020 in the MicroCycle team within SynTech, and has since been discovering automation and innovating ways to push the boundaries of plate based chemistry.

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