Accelerating Functional Minerals Development for Architectural Coatings using HTE Approach

Thu, September 21, 2023
Sofronios Mavraganis Omya
Detlef Gysau Chemspeed

The presentation aims to show how the use of digitalization in architectural coatings can be complementary to the laboratory work. Comparative case studies focusing on optimization of formulations using Omya products will be presented to show the benefits of Omya High Throughput Technology which is based on Flexshuttle platform made by Chemspeed Technologies.

Omya Flexshuttle is a fully automated system to formulate, apply and test paints. A particular attention will be given to the optimization of TiO2 content in water based paints, substituted with various types of Omya products. The portfolio of Omya products has been developed to enhance the performance of TiO2in architectural paints.

Omya products allow for an effective optimization of a paint formulation resulting in reduced total cost of formulation, improved opacity & wet scrub resistance of decorative emulsion paints or both. The combination of Flexshuttle and Omya products is an excellent tool for Omya and its customers to jointly increase paint performance, drive innovation and overcome raw materials scarcity.

Session 1 | 17:00 CEST