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Enabling Technology Made by Scientists for Scientists

Chemspeed Technologies focuses on creating, developing and delivering full workflow application orientated solutions which enable and empower Research and Development in many Industries. A leading team of scientists, with years of experience, designs innovation-driven solutions based on a strong portfolio of proprietary technologies.

The Spiral - Our Approach to Product Development

In opposite to other players in the industry, Chemspeed Technologies has a new approach to Product Development. We see the cycle of product development more as a spiral than a circle. Why? Because even though the steps in the process may be repeated, they evolve through experiments.
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4 Dimensions of Modularity and Flexibility

Chemspeed evolves in a very diversified and very fragmented market. Every industry has different needs, which makes modularity and flexibility a must. Therefore, every Chemspeed solution has a 4-dimension orientation, which allows us to offer targeted and tailored products to our customer.
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