Automation and digitalization of lab workflows

Rooted in science, Chemspeed’s automation platforms, digital solutions
and expertise are used everyday in the top R&D and QC labs
across the globe.
An illustration in one point perspective of a white futuristic laboratory containing several lab technicians and Chemspeed robots

Our technologies

Are you looking for a completely configurable system to fit your exact workflow, an off-the-shelf product for a standard process or GxP environment, or lab software? Explore Chemspeed’s technologies to find the right fit for your needs.

A laboratory with bright ceiling lights in which several scientists are working on automated lab equipment
Modular automation designed to fit your exact workflow, no matter your industry or application.
A male scientist wearing goggles looking at an ipad in front of a blue and silver Chemspeed Flex automation platform
Compliance-ready workflow solutions to automate and digitalize your QC environment.
A robotic arm delivering a tray of glass vials to a Chemspeed vial weighing robot with a touch screen
Standardized systems from Chemspeed that are designed to transform your existing lab process.
A stylus tapping a screen showing a UI of graphical software with graphs and numerical information
Powerful software packages to easily digitalize your laboratory process.
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