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01 Platforms

Our unique platforms

The first step is to house your lab workflow in a solid, conditioned platform. The nature of your project will decide the scale of system you require. Chemspeed offers three highly-versatile platforms as the basis for every possible instrumentation to be housed in.

Our workflow architects determine which platform is most suitable for your application and will design the configuration accordingly. These platforms can even be combined or connected to allow for virtually unlimited scope.

A Chemspeed Crystal swile product containing a gantry, mutiple vials and an RFID scanner above a touchscreen
Automated gravimetric solid dispensing in a compact and flexible benchtop solution
A compact footprint (90×90 cm / 3×3 ft.) saves precious lab space, all while maximizing your output. The FLEX systems target maximum efficiency in your lab, supporting your efforts to save time and costs, optimizing your return on investment.
The SWING platform and its “big partner”, the SWING XL, are designed to automate complex laboratory workflows.
Combine and connect as many FLEX units as you like into one integrated platform with our FLEXSHUTTLE. Dedicated FLEX units for specific tasks work in parallel, whilst samples are shuttled around the platform on the unique shuttle rails.

02 Tools

Extensive tool library

More than 60 robotic tool-features can be integrated with Chemspeed’s unique robotic tool exchange technology, including unrivaled overhead gravimetric dispensing, which can operate while mixing, heating, refluxing and cooling. Virtually any combination of these robotic tools is possible.

Action tools

Volumetric dispensing tools

Gravimetric dispensing tools

Analytic tools

Reactor tools

3rd-party tools

Action tools

From capping to drawdown, robotic arms to ultrasonic dispersion; Chemspeed's action tools allow your solution to accomplish a huge range of tasks.

Volumetric dispensing tools
High precision dispensing of a wide range of materials; eliminating any guesswork from automated dispensing.
Gravimetric dispensing tools
Advanced tools used to perform automated, gravimetrically controlled dispenses of a wide range of ingredients in the sub-milligram to multigram scale.
Analytic tools
From advanced image recognition and camera technology to viscometry, gloss reading and much more, Chemspeed's analytic tools can tackle any challenge.
Reactor tools
Chemspeed offers a huge range of reactors, vials and vessels to allow for almost any reaction and environment, including several integrated technologies for temperature, pH, vortexing, and more.
3rd-party tools
With Chemspeed's long history of integrating the finest technologies from manufacturers across the world, we utilize the latest innovative tools to ensure that any process you require is able to be automated as part of your Chemspeed solution. This is a great advantage, as it allows for an optimization of a workflow that you already know.

03 - FLEX Modules

Chemspeed FLEX module library

Our huge library of FLEX platforms contains a multitude of dedicated automation systems providing leading-edge technology to streamline your lab processes. Our unique tools such as patented gravimetric overhead dispensing technology, our reactor/vessel technology for synthesis or formulation, or our revolutionary decision dispensing tools for solid, liquids or honey-like compounds can all be integrated in these platforms.

Formulation and sample preparation

Liquid dispensing
Powder dispensing



Characterization and testing

Liquid characterization
Liquid testing
Solid characterization
Surface testing


0 /


Automatic gravimetric dispensing system for beads (glass, zirconium...)

  • For beads diameter between of 0.4 to 2.0 mm diameter
1 /


Automatic screw capping / decapping system

2 /


Fully integrated automatic liquid dispensing system for medium amounts of liquids

  • Recommended dispensing range: 20 mg – 50 g (can vary depending on substance properties)
  • Viscosity range: 0.3 mPa.s – 100'000 mPa.s
  • Built-in weighing module 1 mg resolution
3 /


Automated cooling system for liquid samples

  • Cooling of a liquid sample during formulation process
  • Controllable cooling time
  • Various cooling liquids available (typically water/glycol)
4 /


Fully integrated dispersing system for stirring / dispersing / milling a variety of materials

  • Controllable speed and time
  • Various dissolver disk and impeller sizes (default: Teflon impeller disk, diameter 30 mm)
5 /


Automatic work-up system for e.g. modified starch

  • Allows for filtration and transfer into a separated vessel, washing, drying, crumbling and grinding
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04 Software

Software that scales

A /
Quickly design, execute, analyze and report experiments with your automated Chemspeed workstation. Start with a prebuilt workflow or design your own by dragging and dropping any number of predefined tasks to create your own application.
B /
Coordinate and orchestrate your laboratory workflows. Design flows to include any number of Chemspeed systems or even manual lab processes. Workflows, experiments, messaging, status and inventory management are all centralized within ARKSUITE.