CRYSTAL Benchtop Solution

CRYSTAL is a fully automated and compact benchtop solution which allows you to optimize and speed up the sample preparation process. It provides maximum flexibility in handling multiple solids, with accurate dosing directly in well plates and various size vials.

Interested in seeing our automated solid dispensing?

 The CRYSTAL is a compact, benchtop solution for you!

We offer several options for a live demonstration of this technology:

  • Visit Chemspeed – visit our headquarters in Switzerland, or one of our offices in the UK or US, for a company tour and demo of the CRYSTAL. You can send solids which we can test and dispense during your visit and give you a report of your dispense data.
  • Virtual – can’t make the trip to us? Have a virtual demo of the CRYSTAL from the comfort of your own lab. In collaboration with sample testing, this is a convenient option for those unable to travel.
  • Demo day – if you have multiple groups interested in this technology, we can bring the CRYSTAL to you! A Chemspeed representative will bring a demo unit to your site to give live demonstrations and answer any questions you may have regarding the technology.


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Chemspeed is taking their solid dosing technology to new levels of flexibility and compactness

Increase efficiency
The “pick & dispense” function allows to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks
Enhance traceability
Easy-to-use software for consistent and trackable
Optimize costs
Optimized use of raw material and no risk of cross-contamination thanks disposable glass tips (SWIN dispenser)
Improve flexibility
Extremely reduced footprint and exchangeable containers to a vast range of destination (vials & multiplates) with a matrix-to-matrix / mother-to-daughter approach
Easy-to-use software - Next generation touch user interface
Intuitive programming
Guided user interface
Live dispensing updates
Pre plan and load jobs
Open API
Data export to CSV or via USB

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