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There’s never a dull moment

Be part of a scientific, technological and entrepreneurial environment that allows you to grow, develop yourself and take ownership. Combine your passion for science and technology, grow with us and have a real impact on the future of automation and digitalization.
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What we offer

A comprehensive employment package with advanced benefits.
Dads, we also offer paternity leave.
Mums, we’ve got you covered with a fully-paid maternity leave.
We offer flexible working hours to suit you.
Full time or part time? Many roles at Chemspeed allow either, so it’s up to you.
Rest easy with comprehensive accident insurance and sick-pay plans.
Competitive salaries with regular reviews.
Child and education allowances.
Healthy food and snacks.
Generous AXA Winterthur pension scheme.
Fitness centre discounts for you and your partner.
Hybrid working available.
Please note that some of these offerings may not be possible if you reside outside of Switzerland, but we will endeavour to match the perks offered as closely as possible.


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Our hiring process

Getting a new job is a super rewarding experience, but we know that getting that can be tricky sometimes too. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create an engaging and transparent recruiting process that gives everyone a great experience. Learn about the steps involved below and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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First interview

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Second Interview

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Find the job you’re looking for from amongst our open positions. Please apply with complete documents (CV, references, diplomas, etc.). Our application tool will help you not to forget any information. Our team will assess if your skills and experience match what we’re looking for.

After we have received your application, you will receive feedback from us as to whether or not the application process will continue for you.

We would be happy to invite you to a first interview and clarify any open questions. Depending on the position / person, the interview will take place via Zoom or on site.

We give each other feedback on how the first interview went, how and whether the process will continue and clarify ambiguities and open questions.

We like to get to know each other even better at a second meeting and look forward to a mutual exchange.

We give each other mutual feedback again, clarify open questions and decide whether or not an employment relationship will be established. After the contract is signed, the onboarding process starts.

We value diversity

At Chemspeed, we celebrate our differences in who we are, how we think and what we've experienced. Our inclusive culture makes each of us feel valued and heard.

We’re all in this together to build a better world, and the more diverse the team, the better we are.
Our teams

What's it like to work here?

See what our amazing teams have to say about working at Chemspeed in some of our varied teams.


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Ask us

The FAQs

Can I email or post my application to you directly?

We only accept applications via our career page.

Whats the minimum requirement for submitting a job application?

You will find specific requirements for each position. Please hand-in your detailed CV as well as your work certificates. A customized cover letter adds great value and will help to emphasize your motivation, enthusiasm, and qualifications for a job.

Who will see my application documents?

Your documents are only visible to the HR department and the responsible colleagues involved in the selection process.

Does Chemspeed hire remotely?

Our recruitment process is a mixture of online and on-site interviews. Usually the first interview is done remotely and the next stage is an on-site interview.

Do I need to come to Switzerland for an interview?

This depends on the location. If you are applying for a position within Europe, you usually have to come to Switzerland at least once. We are happy to show you our headquarters. If you apply for a position in the US you will not have to come to Switzerland for an interview.

I interviewed or applied for a very similar job last year and wasn’t selected. Can I still apply?

Yes of course, circumstances change and we are happy to re-consider every application.

Are all job advertisements current?

As long as an advertisement is published on our career page, you can assume it is still vacant. However, some portals take our job ads from our career page independently and thus we are unable to ensure the accuracy of their actual status. It’s always best to check our career page.

There is more than one open position that fits my profile. Can I apply to all of them?

Yes, you can upload your application for several open positions. Please make sure to upload all of your application documents to every position. Also it helps us if you explain why you applied for more than one position. We encourage you to customize each of your applications.
Who's who

Meet our HR team

A smiling woman with short brown hair which is tied up wearing a red kneck scarf
Daniela leads the HR team at Chemspeed and is responsible for all our wonderful staff.
A smiling woman with long brown hair

Aline Mathys

HR Professional
Together with Daniela, Aline handles all kinds of concerns in the HR area.
A smiling woman with long brown hair

Mona Galvan

Recruiting Manager
Leads and handles the recruiting of Chemspeed.
A blonde female with shoulder-length hair smiling

Berenika Gutzwiller

Recruiting/HR Assistant
Works in recruiting and arranges many interviews.