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Automated lubricant formulation

FLEX FORMAX lubricants
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Chemspeed's solution

A typical FLEX FORMAX LUBRICANTS deck consists of up 6 precision blenders in 1 formulation module, 3 overhead gravimetric dispensing robotic tools, a variety of racks with vials, syringes, heated and disposable pre-formulation vessels and much more.

As alternative a deck with 12 precision blenders (150 ml) in 2 formulation modules is feasible without additional racks.

The FLEX FORMAX LUBRICANTS has the unique capability to exchange Robotic Tools and therefore change it's functionality on the fly, resulting in:

  • Several tools on one single platform
  • A cost effective robotic platform with a smart footprint
  • Easy programming
  • The robot brings functionalities as dispensing, analytics and actions to the precision blenders
  • Add solids, powders, liquids, highly viscous materials to the milligram resolution while the formulation is being processed
  • On the working area FLEX FORMAX has up to 2 formulation modules

The formulation module is a working entity consisting of 6 individually controlled, high precision formulation workstations. Each workstation with its own vessel / blender, feed vessel and syringe pump can be customized and controlled to match almost any formulation workflow.

  • Up to 6 formulation blenders (150 mL volume) with independent stirring, scraping, heating and cooling
  • Up to 6 feed vessel (50 mL volume) with magnetic stirring and jacket temperature control (up to 90 °C); these can be used e.g. for the preparation of low-viscous pre-mixes
  • Easy integration of pH probes


Example workflow

FLEX FORMAX - Lubricants


Powerful advantages

  • Blending module for up to 6 or 12 different blends per run with up to 30+ ingredients.
  • Characterization module with tailored solutions for foam collapsing, VOC, TBN...
  • Lifetime prediction module with tailored solutions, e.g. temperature screening from -50 °C to +250 °C.
  • Forced degradiation with tailored solutions to mimic a hostile environment, e.g. high shear forces, high pressure, abrasion mi-micking, surface enlargement.
  • Blending: 20 - 30 ingredients like base oil, friction modifier, viscosity modifier, anti-oxidants, detergents, corrosion inhibitors, etc. and different ingredient ratios pre-formulations, temperature and mixing profiles. Example: 7 different raw materials at  different amounts result in 343 experiments.
  • Service lifetime: Temperature, hydrolytic and oxidation stability, acidity, IR measurement, particle size distribution, photo imaging (UV, IR).
  • Characterization: TBN / TAN, foam collapsing, VOC, compatibility screening.
  • Forced degradation: Soot addition, artificial (metallic) abrasion mimicking, high shear forces, high pressure, gaseous pollution.


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