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Automated gravimetric pick & decision dispense of honey-like compounds

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Chemspeed's solution

Ultimate, gravimetric sub-droplet reformatting / dispensing of viscous liquids and honey-like compounds.
The SWIP technology allows fully automated true one-to-one gravimetric "pick & decision dispense" of viscous, honey-like compounds. The scheme at the bottom of this page displays the simplified SWIP workflow including a precision "pick & decision dispense" step. The technology backbone is based on Chemspeed’s proprietary overhead gravimetric dispensing tool design.

A blue Chemspeed robotic Flex platform with a metal door and a glass panel housing a variety of analytical instruments for laboratories

Powerful advantages

  • Revolutionary accuracy & precision due to decision dispensing.
  • Dispensing range from <100 μg to mg with +/- 10 μg resolution.
  • No cross-contamination.
  • No dead volume.
  • Unattended operation.
  • Fully inert (glass).

In order to exclude any risk of cross-contamination disposable glass tips (SWIPs) are used which are stored and provided by an automated SWIP dispenser. 

The SWIP are available in different sizes (diameter) and can be selected according to the desired target amount to be dispensed. 

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