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Fully automated battery development

FLEXSHUTTLE Battery Research
A silver and blue Chemspeed FlexShuttle robotic system on a grey background containing robotic arms

Chemspeed's solution

The modular design enables significant efficiency increase combined with high quality and maximum ease of use. 

  • Design your automated laboratory
  • Navigate on the system with shuttles
  • Model, execute and control multiple workflows
  • Ensure conditioned atmosphere as required by means of tight enclosure
  • Dispense gravimetrically liquids, pastes and solids from small to large amounts in high accuracy
  • Formulate battery slurries (anode and cathode)
  • Measure and adjust rheology
  • Apply battery slurry via roll-to-roll coating followed by heat curing and calendering
  • Punch electrodes in different formats and assemble them in coin or pouch cells
  • Characterize conductivity, rechargibility and other battery properties
A Chemspeed flexshuttle with blue frame and metal and glass doors housing multiple robotic arms


Example workflows

Generic steps for battery development

Example of detailed steps for coin batteries


Powerful advantages

  • Increase throughput
  • Enhance reproducibility and quality
  • Reduce raw material consumption and waste
  • Enable digitalization
  • Release brain power for other tasks
  • Boost innovation
A white laptop on which is displayed a software UI containing a workflow building tool with arrows and connecting lines