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High throughput library synthesis with online NMR

FLEX ISYNTH library synthesis with online NMR

Chemspeed's solution

Molecule discovery (e.g. in medicinal chemistry) is driven more and more by the demand for innovative medicines which involves molecular diversity and novel routes, meaning more and more experiments typically with the same resources. 

Chemspeed’s fully automated, integrated FLEX ISYNTH stands for a flexible, modular, and uncompromising automated solution that:

Unlocks the chemical space via faster, better, virtually unrestricted “off-road” chemistry investigation of the Reaction space, Reagent space or Molecule space.

Enhances your efficiency and productivity by a factor of up to 100 in, for example: C-C, C-N coupling reactions, Organometallic reactions (e.g. Grignard), Alkylations, Diels-Alder reactions and Transfer hydrogenations.

A blue Chemspeed robotic Flex platform with a metal door and a glass panel housing a variety of analytical instruments for laboratories


Example workflow

FLEX ISYNTH - Library synthesis with online NMR


Powerful advantages

  • Fully automated, integrated reaction preparation, synthesis, work-up, analysis, output to storage vials for solid- and liquid-phase library synthesis.
  • Easy-to-use disposable multi-functional, high-precision glass reactor arrays, available reaction scales from μl to ml.
  • Glass reactor arrays with Screwless and self-sealing opening / closing, Mixing by shaking (up to 1'000 rpm without cover), Heating (up to 150°C) Cooling (-20°C), Refluxing, vacuum, inertization, evaporation, extraction, filtration, solid-phase extraction, crystallization and drying.
  • Proprietary robotic tool exchange.
  • Gravimetric solid handling from μg to g.
  • Gravimetric liquid handling from μL to mL.
  • Chemistry proven liquid handling with e.g. pH, filtration, heated needle extension.
  • Throughput, up to 48 / 96 / ... parallel reactions per run based.
  • Sampling.
  • Various integrated analytics such as Online benchtop flow-cell NMR, offline benchtop NMR, HPLC (MS), UPLC (MS), GC (MS).
  • Online benchtop flow-cell UV-VIS, pH measuremnt & adjustment, NIR & MIR measurement cell, DLS measurement cell.
  • AUTOSUITE SOFTWARE - drag & drop experimentation with easy interface to data analysis.
  • Interface to e.g. DOE, ML, AI, LIMS, ELN, ERP.
  • Ventilated hood for safety as well as conditioned operation and trolley.
  • Optimized footprint (3x3 ft, 90x90 cm) versus capacity... all while reducing coats / maximising return on investment.
  • Exemplary integrated benchtop NMR with available operating frequency range: 40 MHz to 80 MHz (1H).
  • Benchtop NMR with available nuclei: H, F, C, P, Si, B, 1D and 2D spectra, Online data acquisition via flow cell or offline via standard 5 mm sample tubes, Permanent magnet - no liquid nitrogen or helium required, and 2 Gauss line inside NMR device housing.
Chemspeed AutoSuite Software laptop screen