Industries we serve

Chemspeed’s automation and digitalization solutions and products are used across the world in almost every major industry.

We offer automated digital solutions for the production of innovative highly regulated agrochemicals used in various agricultural applications.
Improve your biomaterials workflows, documentation, reproducibility, and efficiency with Chemspeed's fully automated digital solutions.
Bring your catalyst laboratories into the digital age with automation and digitalization.
Explore the potential for creating novel innovative ceramics through solid-state, high-temperature, and hydro-/solvothermal synthesis methods.
Accelerate the process of bringing your highly innovative chemicals to market via accelerating, standardizing, digitalizing your workflows.
Discover our acceleration, standardization, digitalization of your high-quality sample preparation and testing workflows.
Discover Cheemspeed's high throughput and high output offerings for home care solutions.
Our solutions to boost your lubricants R&D workflows in a fully automated and digitalized way.
Accelerate the discovery and development of innovative nanomaterials with Chemspeed's automated digital solutions.
Automate your formulation development and optimize your quality and control without compromise.
Highly innovative technology to allow you to realise virtually any existing workflow in a fully automated way.
Develop your formulations of future and existing products with a Chemspeed platform.
Significantly improve the output and quality of your pharma R&D with automation and digitalization designed by chemists for chemists.
Improve your polymerization R&D in output and quality via acceleration, standardization, digitalization.
Use Chemspeed's automated and digitalized solutions to accelerate the development and creation of novel porous materials.
Overcome the renewables and energy challenges while accelerating, standardizing, digitalizing your R&D with Chemspeed's tailor-made solutions.