A statistical approach to ink formulation


LEE-BED is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to reduce development time of materials and process for the production of hybrid electronics. CPI-Formulation’s focus is on ink, adhesive and composite formulation, while CPI-Electronics are optimising testing procedures for roll-2-roll printed components. DTI is working on scaling up the synthesis of a range of nanoparticles, including copper nanoparticles. Other partners include Fraunhofer, TNO, ITENE, RISE, VSParticles, TPU, Swarovski, Maier, Acceona and Graphetic.

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A statistical approach to ink formulation

Anna-Marie Stobo, David Johnson, Lynn Donlon, Rachel Findlay, Jodie Clark, Adam Todd, Ross Urquhart, Martin Søndergaard

CPI, John Walker Road, Coxon Building, NETPark, Sedgefield, TS21 3FE

www.uk-cpi.com / www.lee-bed.eu

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December 1, 2021