Acal Energy and Centre for Materials Discovery (University of Liverpool) report on the high-throughput development of liquid catalysts to replace up to 80% of the solid Pt found in a standard PEM Fuel Cell with Chemspeed’s Fully Automated SYNTHESIZER

With the need to meet the ever increasing energy demand from non-fossil fuel sources research into PEM (proton exchange membrane) Fuel Cells is an important area of research today. ACAL Energy’s patented FlowCath technology provides a low-cost and radical alternative to current technology by using a liquid catalyst (catholyte) to replace up to 80% of the solid Pt found in a standard PEM Fuel Cells. In this work we incorporate high-throughput methods to improve the productivity and quality of research-enabling the development of new liquid catholytes. The high-throughput method utilized produced in excess of two hundred formulations which were tested against the current catholyte system. Two new formulations were developed with improved anodic current as well as no decrease in the standard rate constant for electron transfer (k0) and an increase in k0 whilst an increase in cathodic current is also evident, respectively. The development of these high-throughput methods will allow for rapid development of the FlowCath technology and aid in the synthesis of the next generation of catholyte.

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Development of Platinum-Free Catalysts for PEM Fuel Cell Technology
Ben Alston**, Sean Higgins**, Hywel Davies***, Andrew Creeth***, Richard J. Nichols**, and Andrew I. Cooper**,*.
* University of Liverpool, Crown Street, L69 7ZD Liverpool, UK
** University of Liverpool, Centre for Materials Discovery, Liverpool, UK
*** ACAL Energy, Runcorn, UK

DOI: 10.2174/9781608058723114010013

About Acal Energy

ACAL Energy is an innovative chemical company developing and licensing a ground-breaking platinum free liquid catalyst, FlowCath®. We are the world’s leading developer of low cost Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) systems used to power fuel cells. ACAL Energy’s patented approach will change the future of automotive power trains and stationary power sources.

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July 2, 2014