Advancing the Development of Novel Materials using Chemspeed’s Fully Automated SYNTHESIZER

CSIRO and Chemspeed have successfully implemented since July 2009 the SYNTHESIZER robotic platform with nine automated tools using Chemspeed’s unique robotic tool exchange technology. This includes 16 x ambient pressure reactors, 16 x high pressure reactors and various sample preparation components.

CSIRO has invested in state of the art techniques for the rapid development of advanced materials to enhance the manufacturing industry in Australia. With the successful partnership with CSIRO, Chemspeed has ensured its presence within industrial and academic excellence in Australia.

In the formulation of drug carrier, for insoluble drugs, CSIRO undertook 3 years worth of work in 2 months combining Chemspeed’s SYNTHESIZER robotic platform with Synchrotron X-ray source characterisation. CSIRO is rapidly developing additional High-Throughput synthesis techniques with Chemspeed including CSIRO’s proprietary RAFT polymerisation methods.

These techniques are strengthening CSIRO’s interaction with international and local Australian SMEs and industries allowing them access to these state of the art infrastructures.

CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, is Australia’s national science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world with more than 6500 staff located across 56 sites throughout Australia and overseas. CSIRO is involved in more than 740 research activities, working with leading scientific organisations in over 80 countries with partners and customers ranging from foreign governments, small companies to large multi-nationals and international foundations. CSIRO’s research is performed by the 13 Divisions such as Astronomy and Space Science, Earth Science and Resource engineering, Ecosystem Sciences, Energy Technology, Food and Nutritional Sciences, ICT Centre, Land and Water, Livestock Industries, Marine and Atmospheric Research, Materials Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics, Plant Industry and Process Science and Engineering.

February 10, 2013