An automated platform for the enzyme-mediated assembly of complex oligosaccharides

University of Georgia

Nature Chemistry Journal

An automated platform that can synthesize a wide range of complex carbohydrates will greatly increase their accessibility and should facilitate progress in glycoscience. Here we report a fully automated process for enzyme-mediated oligosaccharide syn-thesis that can give easy access to different classes of complex glycans including poly-N-acetyllactosamine derivatives, human milk oligosaccharides, gangliosides and N-glycans. Our automated platform uses a catch and release approach in which glycos-yltransferase-catalysed reactions are performed in solution and product purification is accomplished by solid phase extraction. We developed a sulfonate tag that can easily be installed and enables highly efficient solid phase extraction and product release using a single set of washing conditions, regardless of the complexity of the glycan. Using this custom-built synthesizer, as many as 15 reaction cycles can be performed in an automated fashion without a need for lyophilization or buffer exchange steps.

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Nature Chemistry Journal
Vol. 11, March 2019

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April 1, 2019