Automated Click Chemistry – Synthesis of a Triazole Library

PharmBioTec have chosen Chemspeed Technologies as their partner for automating their synthetic drug discovery program. Using Chemspeed’s ISYNTH robotic platform they e.g. automate the synthesis of 32-member libraries. All starting materials are dispensed by the robot’s solid and liquid handling tools, reactions are carried out in Chemspeed’s ISYNTH reactor block in 20 mL disposable glass vials. Work-up by liquid-liquid extraction and solid phase extraction are subsequently carried out on the system, as well as sampling for HPLC analysis. Library generation is now possible in the same time as the manual synthesis of a single compound.

About PharmaBioTec GmbH
PharmBioTec GmbH is a Contract Research Organization offering high quality services in Biotechnological/Biopharmaceutical R&D during several stages in the drug development process. Our company has been founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of Saarland University. It operates in close cooperation with the Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry and the Helmholtz Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. As such, PharmBioTec can revert to several decades of experience in design, synthesis, biological evaluation, formulation and analysis of new drugs.

August 10, 2013