Chemspeed releases New AutoSuite Software 2.1

Chemspeed Technologies has released its latest version of the AutoSuite Software. This new version offers a number of new capabilities and improvements, e.g.:

  • Timestamp & boolean variables to allow a vast range of new possibilities for logging and task flow
  • New functions for text expressions, arrays and files, providing the possibility of easy text manipulation and file handling
  • Enhanced error reporting & configuration diagnosis
  • Performance improvements

Additionally, many improvements based on customer feedbacks have been implemented. Some of the new features allow users to program more complex and dynamic but also more compact AutoSuite applications.

Customers with a service contract (or under warranty) get this release free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Chemspeed AutoSuite Software is the interface of choice to pilot Chemspeed robotic platforms as well as to integrate third party hardware and software into a smooth and easy to use workflow. Chemspeed AutoSuite consists in 4 primary modules:

  1. An intuitive platform configuration and procedures editor allowing an easy management of the platform configuration as well as simple and intuitive building of procedures by dragging and dropping of unit of operations from a library. Protocols can be saved as templates and reused as such or as an element of broader workflows.
  2. An executor that drives the instruments and executes the protocols according to user input. This even offers the flexibility to pause, alter parameters, and resume on the fly.
  3. A monitoring platform that provides real time graphic representation of key parameters measured during an experiment run.
  4. An API and reporting module that allows integration with other instruments, loading of parameters from other programs (DOE for example) and export of results into LIMS, ELNs and other third party software.

If you are interested in discussing how Chemspeed software could help you integrate your R&D workflows into a simple to operate environment, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. One of our workflow specialists will be happy to discuss your needs and suggest how Chemspeed solutions can be integrated in your environment.

May 15, 2015