Chemspeed Technologies is Proud to be an Integral Part of the University of Liverpool’s (Center for Materials Discovery) Pioneering Research with Unilever

Chemspeed Technologies AG the leading provider of high-throughput and high-output research & development workflow-solutions is proud to be an integral part of the University of Liverpool’s (Centre for Materials Discovery) pioneering research with Unilever.

Read the News Release “University Liverpool and Unilever extend research into new areas”

About University of Liverpool (Centre for Materials Discovery)
At the Centre for Materials Discovery (CMD) we have established a core capability in High Throughput (HT) techniques and instrumentation to enable the discovery of innovative materials for high value applications.
Working with collaborators from the University of Liverpool, other institutions and commercial organisations, we deliver accelerated synthesis, formulation and characterization programs across a variety of application areas and industries.

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About Unilever
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July 10, 2013